When we were searching for a boat we looked at numerous duds before we stumbled across Penny Lane. It was not an easy path, we were promised the earth and all to often we were very disappointed.  What we read in the specifications and the images did not match up to the reality.  So we understand and have sympathy with the process.

So how do we convince you that this will not be the case with Penny Lane?

Firstly we have written up the full specifications here. There are still some extras to add to this list but from memory it is hard to remember all the extras she has (for example….spare parts, there is a huge stash!)

She has been in storage for this season so there will be bits and bobs that need fixing. The main job that needs doing, but is not necessarily essential to do before you go sailing is there are two windows that have a small leak.  We have all the spare parts ready to fit and fix these on the boat.  These windows are presently covered so no water ingress is possible.  

We have done a full engine service and she has just had a fresh coat of anti-foul so she is ready to put in the water and sail away!

The images we have on this site do not really do her justice, I am in the process of organizing some new images and a video.  This will be posted up here soon. 

Live Video Tour!

And if you are really interested we can also offer you a live video tour.  You will then be able to look under the saloon seating, into the engine and even inspect inside the fridge!  This will be a real opportunity to look at parts of the boat that you could only really do in person.  

Hopefully you will then be satisfied that it is worth your time and money to pop on a plane and see her yourself. We know you will not be disappointed.

For any further information you can contact either Pete or myself here.